#08 Multifora Bee pollen 330gx3
#08 Multifora Bee pollen 330gx3 #08 Multifora Bee pollen 330gx3 #08 Multifora Bee pollen 330gx3

#08 Multifora Bee pollen 330gx3

Product code: TPS008

What is bee pollen?
Bee Pollen is the reproductive spore of the plant. It is incredibly dense with plant nutrients. The phytonutrients found in bee pollen include bioactive compounds like enzymes, bioflavonoid, phytosterois and carotenoids.
Bee pollen also contains free amino acids, fatty acids with a good proportion of Omega 3’s, naturally chelated minerals and whole vitamin complexes.

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Thepprasit multiflora bee pollen is composed of pollen from mimosa, camellia, fructus forsythia and etc, which are herbal flora from Pan-golden triangle areas, bordering Thailand, Laos and Burma.

It is a formula combination by our Apitherapy specialist, to ensure a mild balance benefit of bee pollen as food supplement.

Benefits :

Treats allergies

Bee pollen is known to help reduce or cure many allergies, as well as aid in the treatment of a host of respiratory illnesses such as Asthma.

Weight control Dietary Balance

One of the health benefits of bee pollen is that it stimulates the metabolic processes and contributes to weight loss. This low-calorie superfood packs 15% lecithin by volume. Lecithin is a substance that helps speed up your caloric burn and dissolve fat from your body. This natural superfood also contains phenylalanine that helps suppress appetite and eliminate cravings.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Bee pollen has been found to be effective at reducing the discomforts associated with PMS. This is because of its ability to balance the hormones.

Prostate Problem

Bee pollen helps reduce inflammation, reducing the need to urinate for those suffering with prostate conditions. It also helps prevent the development of prostate cancer as it contains naturally occurring beta-sitosterol. Digestive System bee pollen contains enzymes that can aid in digestion. Enzymes assist your body in getting all the nutrients you need from the food that you eat.

Energy enhancer

Athletes take bee pollen supplements to boost energy and improve athletic performance. Because of its high-protein content, bee pollen repairs damaged tissue and muscles. The range of essential nutrients such as carbohydrates and Vitamin B complex in this superfood helps enhance stamina and fight off fatigue

Recommendation of Usage:

Take 1 tablespoonfull (about 10 gram) a time, dissolve with hot or warm water and drink.
*For Relief of nostril sinus, sniff the steams before drinking.

Dietary balance:

Taken with food in the morning / a natural vitamin complexes

On diet :

As breakfast preferably taken with lime juice or a piece of fruit. The fruit fibers reinforce the activity of the fresh pollen.

Name #08 Multifora Bee pollen 330gx3
Brands Thepprasit
Shelf life 2 years
Ingredient Bee Pollen 100%
Storage At room temperature in the dry place by avoiding moisture
Weight (kg) 1.2500

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