Fresh Royal jelly 250g
Fresh Royal jelly 250g #13 Fresh Royal jelly 250g #13 Fresh Royal jelly 250g

#13 Fresh Royal jelly 250g

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What is royal jelly?
Royal jelly is the milk produced by the worker as the unique food for the queen bee. The queen bee lives 50 time longer and has the size twice of a worker bee , only because of this unique food.
Scientists recognize that Royal Jelly “milk of the bees” promotes longevity, fecundity and growth.
Royal Jelly has been used by man down the centuries for its remarkable health-giving and rejuvenating properties. It has been proven itself to be of great help in muscle and skin tone.

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Royal Jelly and Immunity : Royal Jelly is a highly nutritious secretion that nurse bees produce. Only the bee larvae fed with royal jelly develop into queens. Royal jelly creates amazing longevity, as queen bees can live 40 times longer than the worker bees. The longevity of queen bees can partially be attributed to royal jelly’s powerful effect on immunity. There are two substances in particular in royal jelly that affect the immune system: gamma globulin and 10-hydroxydecanoic acid (l0-HDA). In combination, these two substances, make royal jelly effective for creating a strong immune system.

Blood Pressure/Cholesterol : Royal jelly can improve insulin resistance and blood pressure. The researchers fed Royal jelly to rats which suffering from high blood pressure and insulin resistance due to a high-fructose diet. After two months, the rats demonstrated noticeably fewer instances of blood vessel constriction, which resulted in lower triglyceride and insulin levels.

Impotency- Royal Jelly has a number of hormones that are required by the body to carry out the sexual procedure. It can curb sexual dysfunctions, promotes positive feelings and reduces stress. These factors will help the normal functioning of the male sex organ. Men will be able to maintain the erection for a longer span of time which is essential during an intercourse.

Helps aid female fertility : Royal Jelly can help boost a woman’s fertility by increasing the quality of her eggs and improving her overall reproductive health.

Improves Brain Health: Royal jelly contains antioxidants that can protect the fatty acids in the brain and also only natural source of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that regulates memory and transmits messages from cell to cell. Optimal levels of this neurotransmitter in the brain can be linked to improved memory and cognitive function.

Diabetes: Royal Jelly is a food therapy to control sugar level in blood lines , and lower the risk of epidemic.

Recommendation of usage
- for general health, take 1/2 tsp per day with food. for who suffering with health problems , take ½ tsp per time, 1-2 time a day before meal.

Name #13 Fresh Royal jelly 250g
Brands Thepprasit
Shelf life 2 years
Ingredient Royal Jelly
Storage keep in the freezer
Weight (kg) 0.3900
Place of origin Thailand

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